Comparing Vlocity components

Vlocity components aren't included by default in Gearset comparisons. To include Vlocity components open the metadata filter dialog, and check the Vlocity option located under the Include managed packages section.

Note: Git repositories and Salesforce orgs can be used as the source for Vlocity. We currently only support Salesforce orgs as the deployment target for Vlocity but will be adding support for git repositories as development continues.

Viewing Vlocity results and deploying components

Vlocity comparison results are presented in the main Gearset results grid alongside standard Salesforce metadata. To deploy Vlocity data simply select the items using the checkboxes and proceed through the standard deployment path by clicking Next.

You can choose to deploy Salesforce metadata and Vlocity data as part of the same deployment.

Salesforce metadata and Vlocity are displayed separately on the pre-deployment summary screen for you to review.

Note: if a deployment includes Vlocity data you can't currently run a validation only deployment should it also contain metadata.

Should a deployment contain metadata and Vlocity data Gearset will perform two consecutive deployments with the metadata being deployed first, followed by the Vlocity deployment.

Note: if the metadata deployment fails, the Vlocity deployment won't be attempted. Vlocity deployments cannot be rolled back should they fail at any point during the deployment.

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