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Git for Salesforce: The Basics

There is no one way to build a Git-based development process and knowing where to begin can be overwhelming for any Salesforce team. In this 30-minute webinar, discover the fundamental principles to successfully adopting Git-based version control for Salesforce. This session is aimed at Salesforce teams who are fairly new to version control and want to learn more about how to set up Git for their team in order to achieve a faster and more reliable deployment process.

This webinar is for you if you're a Salesforce Admin, Developer or Manager. Recorded: September 2023

In this webinar you’ll learn:

• What version control is

• What to consider before and during implementation

• What a standard workflow looks like

• Version control best practices

• An introduction to branching

• Which metadata to get started with

Git for Salesforce: a deep dive

Knowing how to harness the full potential of version control can be tough, even for advanced Salesforce teams — but Git doesn’t need to be difficult. In this 30-minute webinar, discover how to take your version control to the next level and successfully build a mature Git-based version control system for Salesforce.

This webinar is for you if you're a Salesforce Admin, Developer or Manager. Recorded: October 2023

In this webinar you’ll see:

• Successful branching strategies and branch management

• How to manage and limit merge conflicts

• How adopting a ticketing system aids delivery

• How to apply automation to your Git-based workflow

Git for Salesforce Admins

Gearset's webinar on Git for Salesforce Admins gives you a sweeping overview of all things Git and puts you on the right track for setting up a Git-based workflow. It focuses on some of the key things that you need to know about adopting Git specifically for Salesforce. Git holds the key to modern release management and is definitely not just something for developers!

In the webinar, we start with the basics and explain why Git has become such an important tool. We set out what version control is all about and give you the lowdown on some of the key principles. To use Git, you don't necessarily need to know your way around a command line interface. We offer advice on how and when to introduce source-driven development into your organization. We also show you what a successful Git branching model might look like in practice. Recorded: August 2019.

Git for Salesforce Admins Part II: Getting hands-on with Git

When it comes to setting up a Git-based workflow for Salesforce, everyone wants to get it just right. All teams have their own ways of working when deploying changes from version control to Salesforce environments and automating releases to staging and production orgs. But regardless of the exact model you follow, there are patterns, commands and tools that any team using Git should be familiar with. It's time to get hands-on with Git.

Before you unleash all the goodness of source-driven development, there's a bunch of choices you'll need to make. You'll need to decide on your hosting provider, your branching strategy, and the tools to support your developers and admins day-to-day. And of course, no discussion of source-driven development for Salesforce would be complete without some consideration of when and how to adopt Salesforce DX.

In our second webinar in the Git for Admins series, we walk you through Gitflow, one of the most popular Git branching strategies. We discuss how teams deal with common issues before giving you a live demo of how to unlock the benefits of using Git with Salesforce CLI tools. Because your goal is to speed up your development process and optimize your release management, we also show you how Gearset makes it easy to fit all the pieces together into one streamlined workflow. Recorded: September 2019.

Salesforce testing best practice

Salesforce allows us to build apps that drive every part of our organization, from CRM and sales through to HR and service desk. Having responsibility for these critical apps means it’s important that we're able to make changes to our code with confidence. Great tests that protect us as we develop give us that confidence. Writing tests that get you the magic 75% is easy, but writing great tests that help protect you as you work is a real skill. In this webinar we’ll cover testing best practices and give practical tips you can use to ensure your tests actually help you and don’t rot into a maintenance headache. Recorded: May 2016.

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