Quick refresh (legacy)

Refresh single components or add more items to a comparison without needing to refresh the whole comparison.

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Note: We've updated this article for Compare 2.0, located here.

Refreshing a single item in a comparison

When in a comparison, if you discover that one component is incorrect, and you want to update it, you previously had to rerun the whole comparison to get the latest version, which can be time-consuming.

With the refresh item option you can update the component and refresh it from within your existing comparison without having to re-run the whole comparison set.

This can be done by clicking "Refresh item" button when a component is selected in your comparison:

When selected you'll see the comparison is running in the top left of the screen:

An alternative way to refresh a single item is to right-click on a component and select the "Refresh item" option:

If multiple components are selected and you right-click on one of them, this will show an option of "Refresh selected items". Selecting this will refresh all the selected components.

When these right click options are selected, you'll see the spinning icon next to each of the items as well as "Refreshing Comparison" on the top left of the screen:

When any of the quick refresh options are used, this will show in the comparison history as a new comparison.

Adding items to a comparison

When using the refresh comparison button, we now have the ability to just refresh the additional components added to the filter selection rather than running the comparison from scratch again.

To do this first hit the Refresh comparison button at the bottom left of the screen

Then select the metadata types you want to add to the comparison and then you can choose to refresh only the additional metadata types.

Once you've clicked that you can see Gearset working in the background to add those metadata types.

This means that refreshing the comparison will now be much faster.

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