While the feature initially supported only layouts, we’ve responded to feedback by additionally supporting precision deployments for the following metadata types:

  • Layouts

  • Report Types

  • Settings

  • Record Types

Here's the original reasons for developing this feature:

Why deploying Page Layouts used to be hard

Deploying Page Layouts has at times given many teams a headache due to a number of common issues:

  • Layouts often contain test fields and work-in-progress changes, and therefore only some items are ready to be deployed to the next org or committed to a feature branch

  • This problem is often exacerbated when working with your team in shared sandbox orgs as Layouts typically include other people’s changes

  • Merging layout changes is difficult. Most admins and developers often just wish to deploy their own layout item changes and keep everything else as is.

  • It is way too easy to overwrite existing changes in the target org when another team member deployed their changes before you. At times, fields get manually added directly in the target org (especially common with Production orgs)

  • Sifting through genuine additions and deletions from simple field moves and reorders in the XML view in Gearset used to take much longer than ideal.

The amount of effort needed to overcome all these obstacles meant that many teams either skipped deploying Layouts altogether or resorted to manual workarounds, which involved editing Layout files in code editors and source control.

Gearset now offers a much faster and more flexible way of deploying Page Layouts.

Enter Precision Deployments for Layouts

Precision Deployments give teams and individuals the ultimate flexibility in deploying and committing Page Layouts.

Here are some things you can now do in Gearset:

  • Select just the layout items in the Page Layout you want to deploy

Choose your Layout file, then in the XML view below start picking the changes you want to include in your deployment. Simply leave out any in-progress fields or any changes belonging to other team members.

  • Quickly include all changes by selecting the entire Layout file in the main table

  • Select or deselect all changes in either the source or the target by using the “Selected” checkboxes in the XML view

  • Any field that has a different position in the layout is marked with a chain icon

  • Quickly jump back and forth between new and old field locations in the layout file

That's it — you're now ready to start using Precision Deployments in Gearset.


If you have thoughts or feedback on this document or on the feature, please get in touch with us via the in-app chat.

We would love to hear your suggestions.

Many happy Layout deployments!

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