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Invalid action sort orders within layouts
Invalid action sort orders within layouts

Avoid deployment errors related to sort order values in layouts

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This problem analyzer will re-sequence layout action sort orders to maintain a valid sequence during deploys.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

When working with layouts in Salesforce, the order of quick actions may be edited. When multiple people are working collaboratively on a single layout or changes are being selectively deployed, issues may arise with the sort order values for these actions.

For example, consider someone working on a layout and they add a 10th action. That action will have a sort order value of 9 (zero based ordering). If someone else is working separately on another copy of the org, and they also add a 10th action then it too will have a sort order value of 9. When these two changes are deployed to the same destination, the duplicate value will cause the second deploy to fail.

This problem analyzer is triggered for deployments that would result in sort orders that have duplicate values, missing values or gaps in the sequence.

What problem is it solving?

Duplicate values will cause a deployment to fail, and gaps in the sequence will show up as repeated differences in subsequent comparisons.

How does it work?

Gearset will automatically re-sequence the order of actions, so there are no gaps or duplicates. The existing ordering will be preserved with duplicates appearing next to one another.

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