Gearset's team features are designed to make collaboration between developers, admins, and release managers ingeniously simple. Users within a team can see each other's activity, such as deployments and automation jobs, and work together to build draft deployment packages.

Invite your team early on for maximum benefits

If you work as part of a team on your deployments, it's best to get everyone in the same team early on in your evaluation. That will ensure everyone has access to the full deployment history and give you a chance to try out all of the collaboration features.

Inviting users to your team

To begin adding other team members, visit the My account page, accessed by clicking on the Gearset icon in the top right.

You can invite users in two ways:

  • Enter the Salesforce username for the person you'd like to add to your team; or
  • Enter the email address of the Salesforce or Google account you'd like to add to your team

Don't worry if they don't have a Gearset account yet - we'll send them an email with everything they need to get started and join your team.

Pending invites are listed above the team table. If your team uses an instant chat tool, sending the link directly can be easier than waiting for the email to arrive.

After accepting your invitation, your team member will appear in the team summary table.

Note: Only team owners can invite users and manage team settings. If you've been invited to a team by a colleague, you'll join as a member rather than an owner.

If you have purchased some licences, team owners can assign licences to team members by changing the license type of a member from None to Pro or Enterprise as shown in the picture above.

To learn more about the full range of collaboration features in Gearset, and what you can do with teams, view our in-depth feature article on teams.

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