Gearset's metadata and data deployment tools are licensed per end user of Gearset, and can be paid for monthly or yearly. An end user is a named user who logs into Gearset for comparisons, deployments or automation jobs. You don't need a license per user of your Salesforce environment, just for your admins, developers or release managers.

For Gearset's data backup tool, it is slightly different: it's licensed per standard Salesforce user, and is only available as an annual license (although you are free to cancel at any time).

Metadata deployment

For metadata, Pro costs $150 USD per Gearset user, per month. Enterprise costs $300 USD per Gearset user, per month. A Gearset team can have a mix of Pro and Enterprise license types to suit your needs. You can view the feature comparison here.

Data deployment

Gearset's data deployment can be added to either type of metadata subscription at a cost of $100 USD per Gearset user, per month for the basic data loader, or $200 USD per Gearset user, per month for the data compliance tier (including data masking). (If purchased, the data deployment subscription will be added to all Gearset metadata licenses.)

Data backup

Data backup is licensed separately. It costs $2.50 per standard Salesforce user, per month. The pricing is based on the number of standard Salesforce users, as this corresponds approximately to the amount of data being backed up.

Platform License

All purchases of Data backup come with a free Platform license which allows access to the Backup features along with account management. The number of Platform licenses can be adjusted to suit the number of users requiring access. This is only necessary if the team doesn't already have Enterprise or Professional licenses in place.

Pricing calculator and quote generator

Check out our pricing page to calculate your price per month - you can even email yourself a quote document.

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