When you run a comparison, Gearset will show you the metadata differences between your source and target. See what changes have been made, when and by whom at a glance, without the need for manual XML diff or change tracking documents.

Comparison results table

A typical comparison will look similar to the screenshot below. Individual metadata items are shown in the table with the following columns:

  • Name: the name of the metadata item
  • Metadata type: the type of metadata item (e.g. Profile or Apex class)
  • Difference type: whether the item is New, Different, Deleted, or No difference 
  • Changed on: the last modified date for the item
  • Changed by: who made the last change to the item

The diff viewer

Clicking on any metadata item will select it and show you the line-by-line comparison between your source and target in the diff viewer. In the screenshot below, for example, on the selected Custom object permissions item, there are differences between the permissions enabled on the Super Admin profile for the Macro custom object. These changes are highlighted in the diff viewer.

If there are multiple changes, you can quickly move between them using the Prev / Next buttons on the top right of the diff viewer.

Metadata change types (Different, New, Deleted, No difference)

Gearset groups changes to your metadata by their type:

  • Different (under Changed items tab): the item exists in both source and target but there are differences between your source and target; deploying it will update the target with the version from the source
  • New: the item only exists in your source; deploying it will add this item to your target
  • Deleted: the item only exists in your target; deploying it will remove this item from your target
  • No difference: the item exists in both source and target and is identical; you can't select it as there would be no changes to deploy

Note: During the comparison, no changes are made to your environments. Seeing an item marked as Deleted does not mean Gearset has removed it from your org! This means that the item does not exist in the source, but does exist in the target. If you deploy it with Gearset, that item will be deleted from the target, hence it is classed as a deletion.

Results table tabs

Items are grouped by their change type via the tabs in the results table. These tabs line up with the metadata change type listed in the section above.

By default, when you first run a comparison, you'll be taken to the Changed items tab (showing items that are Different). To view New or Deleted items, simply click the tab in the table.

To view all items, including those which are No difference, select the All items tab.

Searching and filtering comparison results

If you have a large number of differences, you may wish to filter the comparison results to make it easier to find the changes you're interested in.

If you know the name of a metadata item you'd like to find, you can search for it using the search box. Start typing and Gearset will filter down the results in the table. This filter box supports regex arguments for advanced filtering.

This search result only returns items in the tab you're currently viewing (such as New items). If you're not sure what the change type may be, search when viewing the All items tab.

Comparison results can also be filtered on a per-column level. Select the funnel icon on any column to specify which items you'd like to be displayed in the results.

Want to know how to deploy these changes? Read our guide on creating your first deployment.

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