Gearset lets you compare any two Salesforce organizations or source control repositories and see the configuration differences between them. If you've new to Gearset, running a comparison is a great place to start. 

To run a comparison, you'll first need to add some connections to your Salesforce orgs. Adding a connection lets Gearset access the metadata from that org.

  • Under Choose source metadata location, click Salesforce organization 
  • Enter the username for the org you want to connect to
  • Select the org type from the dropdown (Developer , Sandbox  or Production)
  • Click Authorize  to proceed through the OAuth access flow
  • Click Allow  when prompted by Salesforce
  • Once an org has been successfully authorized, you'll see an orange tick next to the username. That connection will now be saved for easy re-use in future comparisons
  • Repeat for your target metadata location 
  • Once you have selected a source and target, the COMPARE NOW button will become enabled
  • Click COMPARE NOW to begin your comparison
  • Gearset will now retrieve the metadata from your source and target orgs, and show you the differences. Depending on the size of your orgs, this can take a few minutes.
  • Want an overview of the results of your comparison? Read our guide on exploring comparison results.
  • Want to learn more about adding connections and configuring your comparisons? Read our in-depth article here.
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