Salesforce DevOps is here to stay. Mastering DevOps, and all that entails, is only going to become more important over time as the platform continues to mature. But DevOps is a broad topic and there's a lot to learn.

That's why we're proud to launch the DevOps Launchpad - a free training platform designed to help everyone in the Salesforce ecosystem level up their DevOps skillset.

How does it work?

The DevOps Launchpad is a free training and learning platform for anyone in the Salesforce ecosystem. It's filled with courses on everything DevOps - from beginner courses on source driven development all the way through to in-depth technical articles written by experts in their fields. Complete courses, test your knowledge with quizzes, and earn certificates to demonstrate your expertise.

The platform is brought to you by the team behind Gearset, but this goes beyond just our product. We've believe that there is a wide set of skills that are relevant to anyone building on top of Salesforce, regardless of whether they're using Gearset. So we're building the DevOps Launchpad to cover any DevOps topic and the vast majority of the content won't be specific to Gearset.

Our vision is to create a collection of material and courses which become a valued and respected source of information for anyone in the Salesforce community who want to build their DevOps skills and take advantage of all the possibilities Salesforce provides.

How can I sign up?

There are two ways to sign up for an account:

  • Visit and register for an account

  • If you're a Gearset user, simply click the link from within the app to create your account

Regardless of which method you use to sign up, you can always access your account using either method. If you signed up through Gearset, you'll need to reset your password through the account management setting to be able to log in through the website (as we auto-generate a secure password for you).

Accounts and privacy

The DevOps Launchpad is hosted on the Synap learning platform.

If you create an account through Gearset, we'll share your name and email address with Synap to create your DevOps Launchpad account. We won't share any other information with Synap - none of your Salesforce metadata or data, your saved connections, or any other data from the Gearset app will ever be sent or processed by Synap.

For more information on how Synap handle and process your data, see their Privacy Policy.

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