Users have reported the following to us:

  • If your source and target are both on the API v50 (Winter '21) and
  • you are deploying a profile that contains this in the source

You will get the validation error:

You can't edit tab settings for DelegatedAccount, as it's not a valid tab.

This is happening because Salesforce API does not support DelegatedAccount in tabs. Please report this to Salesforce support.

You can workaround this and still deploy the Profile by:

  1. Downloading the deployment package, from the Download package button on the deployment summary page before the deployment. (See here for more instructions)
  2. Edit the .profile file to delete the four lines that reference standard-DelegatedAccount.
  3. Create a new comparison with Local files as the modified .profile file and deploy.

Hopefully this workaround will help you deploy your profile while this Salesforce metadata API bug is being investigated.

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