In an org to org comparison, you might notice managed package subcomponents appearing in your comparison results, even with Include managed packages set to None in your metadata filter. This article explains why.

The answer to this question lies with the Salesforce metadata API, which Gearset uses to request metadata from your Salesforce orgs. When Gearset requests this metadata and Include managed packages is set to None , the packageNames parameter is set to an empty string. In effect, Gearset is not requesting any managed packages from your Salesforce orgs. However, even with Include managed packages set to None, managed package subcomponents can still be returned by the metadata API.

One example of these unexpected subcomponents might be a managed custom field (part of a managed package) on a standard object; the metadata API does not provide the faculty to exclude these subcomponents, and will still return them to Gearset as part of the standard object. You can learn more about this known Salesforce issue and how Gearset prevents this affecting your deployments in this article.

As a consequence of the above, these unexpected metadata items can appear in your org to org comparison results. If you want to replicate and check this for yourself, you can find out how here.

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