What is Einstein, in the context of Salesforce?

Einstein Analytics, previously known as Wave, gives an analytical oversight of your data with custom dashboards and graphs. It allows you to make data-driven decisions to improve the effectiveness of your business.

Einstein components are one of the more recent features of the Salesforce ecosystem. They are not enabled in all orgs, or enabled by default.

If you are not familiar with Einstein Analytics and would like to learn more, there is a Salesforce Trailhead trail here.

Does Gearset support Einstein?

Yes, Gearset supports the comparison and deployment of your Einstein Analytics metadata. 

The exception to this is Recipes, as they use wildcard retrieval, which is currently not supported. The other is Dashboard XMD, if done by wildcard retrieval which is a Known Issue that Salesforce is aware of.

How do Einstein components appear in the comparison results table?

They will be visible as the following metadata types: Wave XMD, Wave application, Wave dashboard, Wave dataflow, Wave dataset and Wave lens. You will need to include these in the metadata comparison filter before running the comparison - they are not included in the Default comparison filter.

Note that although they are now referred to as 'Einstein' in the Salesforce user interface, in the Salesforce metadata API they are referred to by their established name of Wave, and therefore the Wave metadata names are used within the Gearset app.

What do I need to include in my deployment package in order to deploy my Einstein components to the target successfully?

Wave type metadata is required for the deployment of Einstein components, but there are other types you should be including as well. Like Profiles, these pieces of metadata reference the wider structure of your org, so including referenced Custom objects will make your deployment more likely to succeed.

How can I deploy bots?

To deploy an Einstein bot you will need to include (at a minimum) the metadata types Einstein bot and Bot version in your comparison filter.

You will see your Einstein bot in your comparison with the metadata type Einstein bot.

It is possible to deploy individual bot versions.

Troubleshooting checks if you cannot see the components in your comparison results

  • Have you enabled Einstein Analytics in both your source and target? You can check whether they have been enabled by going to into the setup and settings of your org.

  • Have you included all of the Wave metadata types in your metadata comparison filter before running the comparison?

  • Have you selected All items for Custom object in your metadata comparison filter before running the comparison?

  • As with other metadata types, your subcomponent may be nested under an item of No difference  

  • Is what you are trying to deploy changes to an active bot? Modifying an active bot by deployment is not supported by Salesforce at the moment. If you try to, you may receive an error message such as Can't edit an active bot version. Gearset (like other tools using the Salesforce metadata API) cannot override this particular limitation.

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