If you have managed package subcomponents, such as a managed custom field on a custom object, you may find it confusing that it sometimes shows up in the comparison results and sometimes not. This article explains why this is happening.

In the section Prerequisites for managed package metadata to appear in your comparison results of this article we note that there are two ways to view managed package metadata depending on if you have the Installed package metadata type selected or not.

This means that if your source and target have differing versions of a managed package (or the managed package does not exist one of the environments) then you will see the following behaviour:

If you do not compare with the Installed package metadata type in the metadata filter, you can see the managed package subcomponents.

If you do compare with the Installed package metadata type (e.g. use the Default comparison filter), you may not see the managed package subcomponents. You will see New / Different / Deleted for the Installed package itself in the comparison results. 

This is because if the installed package versions are different, the subcomponent metadata differences could be due to the version difference (perhaps new components), and so Gearset suppresses those subcomponent results for you.

Understanding this, you will need to decide if you want Gearset to know that the managed packages versions are different or not, and adjust your metadata filter accordingly.

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