When you compare and deploy a Profile and Custom object metadata type, specifically the Admin.ProfileTabVisibility.standard-QuickText item, you may run into a Salesforce deployment error:

You can't Edit tab settings for QuickText , as it's not a valid tab

This article explains the root cause of this deployment issue and how to resolve it.

Triggering the error

You can trigger this error if you select the Admin.ProfileTabVisibility.standard-QuickText item in a comparison and try to deploy it.

The error message will look like this on the Profile metadata type.

Root Cause

This can happen if:

  • The Quick Text custom object doesn't exist in your target org; or
  • The Quick Text tab doesn't exist in your target org.


You should check both the Classic and Lightning settings below. If you start out in Lightning mode, you should switch to Salesforce Classic and activate tabs in Classic mode as well.

Salesforce Classic

You should be able to resolve the error by enabling the Quick Text Setting in your target org.


You can also enable the Quick Text Setting in Lightning in your target org, however this only affects the Lightning Experience text, so it may not fully resolve the issue.

If you're still stuck after trying these steps out, please get in touch with us in the in -app chat, and we'll do our best to resolve the issue with you.

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