When trying to load the repositories with Azure DevOps Git you receive the following error message.


If you have multiple tenants in Azure DevOps, it is likely that that Gearset has been connected to the wrong one, and therefore cannot load your repositories you expect. Gearset will give you the error:

"Gearset can't find any repositories. Either create one or update your security settings in Azure DevOps to grant access"

To verify If you have multiple tenants, you can review it in the drop down of your account's My Profile section, like this:


To resolve this, you need to:

  1. Switch your Azure DevOps to the correct tenant profile.
  2. In Gearset, delete the connections to Azure DevOps.
  3. Log out of Gearset to clear the cached credentials.
  4. Log into Gearset again and connect to Azure DevOps again. When you get the integration pop up, you can make sure that the part of the account / tenant in the parenthesis is correct.

This should allow you to see the right repositories that you are looking for. Let me know if this helped with your reaction below!

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