Deploying communities can be challenging, so much so that we've written a blog post about it, which contains detailed technical guidance and troubleshooting.

There are several metadata types associated with communities, including: 

  • Network - The community's settings
  • CustomSite - The settings for the associated site
  • SiteDotCom - The binary blob that contains the site content

It's the SiteDotCom metadata type that includes the content, so that's where any community pages you've created will be. It's also why they won't appear as a separate entry in the comparison results table within Gearset, and you'll need to deploy this metadata type to see your page in the target.

However, you can export the pages in Salesforce, so you can treat them as separate entities and reuse them in different communities should you wish to:

If you've exported a page, it will show up in its own row on the Gearset comparison results page, with the Lightning page metadata type.

Communities metadata filter

Gearset has a Default communities comparison filter to make it easy to compare and deploy communities.

The filter includes the typical metadata types you need:

  • Network (Community) - The community's settings
  • Custom site - The settings for the associated site
  • - The binary blob that contains the site content
  • Network branding (Community branding) - The core of your community's branding, including colours and logos
  • Branding set - Additional assorted branding properties
  • Content asset - The metadata for an asset file, required for logos and header images

Note that this filter is designed for comparing and deploying communities when you already have your target set up for communities.  If there are currently no communities in the target, you will need to add the following metadata types to your metadata filter, so that the 'Apex scaffolding' that Salesforce automatically generates for communities is included.  For further details on this, see our blog post

  • Apex class 
  • Apex component 
  • Apex page 

The Lightning page metadata type, which you would use for exported community pages as described above, is also not included in the Default communities comparison filter, so would need to be added if required.

For more on custom metadata filters, see our support article.

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