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Known issues when tracking Case Layouts across a time period
Known issues when tracking Case Layouts across a time period

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We've seen a few reports of a quirk with Case Layouts metadata, where the results returned by the metadata API are inconsistent over several requests. This can lead to the Layouts appearing as false positives in change monitoring jobs in Gearset or in your comparison results.

What happens

This change seems to be most commonly associated with Layouts on the Case Object. The item will be listed as Different by Gearset in the comparison results. When you select the item and view the diff, you'll see the following XML elements being added or removed:


The change is usually identical on all Case related Layouts. The Changed on and Changed by fields correspond with the timing of the change being observed.

Why is this happening?

It seems as if the Salesforce metadata API is sometimes missing out these XML elements when we request them from the Salesforce orgs - especially as the org UI confirms their presence under Related Lists. This appears to be a metadata bug.

What can I do about it?

The best approach for now is to ignore the changes to the Layouts as false positives. Over time, these changes will disappear from your change monitoring results.

The changes can be deployed, but no changes will actually be made to the target org as the metadata is already in the correct state. Deploying these changes to a git repository is not advised as this may lead to inconsistent metadata in your version control system.

Less common related issue

The name field in the Wave Dashboard is also inconsistently returned.

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