By default, Gearset uses OAuth to connect to 

  • your identity provider (Google, Salesforce and Linkedin for logging onto Gearset),

  • your org connections, and 

  • your linked services (git connection and Jira)

If your company uses a Single Sign-On (SSO) process to log in to these various applications, you may want Gearset to interact with SSO instead of OAuth. Gearset supports using your organization's Single Sign-On (SSO) process to connect to your Salesforce orgs, but does not provide support to connect to your linked services. 

Connect to your identity provider

Gearset uses the secure OAuth 2.0 process to manage your account. This means that we never have access to, or store, your account password. You can log into Gearset using one of the following accounts you already have:

  • Salesforce

  • Google

  • LinkedIn

Simply click the account type you'd like to use, and enter your username. Gearset will then request permission to connect to this account and link it to your Gearset user.

Logging in with SSO

As we delegate all account management to the service you're using to log in, we support any additional security configuration you may already have for that service. For example:

  • Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)

If your account has Two-Factor Authorization (2FA) enabled, you may need to create an account-specific password for Gearset to use during the authentication process. You can do this in the account management of your chosen service.

Connect to Salesforce orgs via SSO

  1. Ensure you have enabled custom domain for the org(s) you wish to connect to Gearset

  2. Add a new org in Gearset, from your connections page, and hit Authorize:

3. Choose Use Custom Domain:

4. Enter your custom domain, and hit Continue

5. Under Or log in using, you should see your SSO option pop up:

Connect to Salesforce orgs with Okta

If you are using Okta to manage your authentication, you can add Salesforce orgs to Gearset in 2 ways:

Enable Custom Domain access

Once you enable custom domain for your Salesforce org you can follow the steps to connect the org with Gearset with OAuth.

  1. Add new org as normal

2. Click on Use Custom Domain 

Enter the custom domain

Then you should see the option to login via Okta 

Enable username/password access

You can also enable username/password access in the org, generate a set of credentials, and use that to login to Gearset.

You can learn more about our security approach here.

Connect to git connections with Okta

Gearset can only talk to git providers' OAuth. If you log into your source control provider through a SSO portal (such as Okta), note that Gearset won't be able to. You would have to get access to the underlying git credentials, and log in using those.

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