To deploy a single field between orgs, the custom object that the custom field belongs to must exist in both the source and target orgs. If it's a new custom object (i.e. it only exists in the source org), Gearset will try to deploy the whole Custom Object and its Custom Fields, without the option for you to choose which fields to deploy or not deploy.

Within Salesforce, a custom field must always belong to a custom object. If the custom object doesn’t exist in the target, then deploying only a custom field (without the custom object it belongs to) would leave that field orphaned.

A custom object that only exists in the source looks like this in Gearset:

Note that NewObject's difference type is New and therefore none of the custom fields are available for deployment.

In this situation, to deploy the Id custom field from the source to the target, there are two options:

  1. Using the Salesforce UI, manually create a custom object in the target with the same name. After refreshing the comparison in Gearset, both the source and target have a custom object called NewObject and it's possible to select the Id field for deployment:

2. Deploy the entire custom object with all of its fields.

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