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Lightning page and Lightning page assignment - retrieve and deploy
Lightning page and Lightning page assignment - retrieve and deploy

Quickly move your Lightning pages, Lightning page assignments, and components between orgs

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Gearset allows you to easily move your Lightning pages (also known as FlexiPage in the Metadata API) and components between your orgs.

Lightning pages

In my Salesforce developer org below, I've created a simple Lightning page, which I would now like to deploy to my staging org.

In the results of my comparison with Gearset, this now appears as a Lightning page item in the results. Selecting it shows the XML for the page, where I can see all its configuration settings.

Deploying this page is the same as any other metadata deployment with Gearset. Simply select the checkbox next to its name, click NEXT, and then DEPLOY NOW. Once the deployment completes, the Lightning page will be available in my target org.

Lightning page assignment

If you want to activate a Lightning record page and assign it to a specific application / profile, you will need the Custom application metadata type included in your metadata filter. (It's in the Default comparison filter.)

This is an example assignment:

​And this is the relevant XML within the Custom application metadata item in the Gearset comparison results:

Making a Lightning page org default

If you would like to activate a Lightning page and assign it as org default, this change will show in the Gearset comparison as part of the Custom object metadata type. Deploying the relevant Custom object updates the Lightning page in the target to be the org default.

Lightning components

Lightning components can be Lightning web components or Aura components, as described here by Salesforce, and here in a Gearset blog.

Gearset's Default comparison metadata filter includes the Lightning page metadata type, but not the Aura component or Lightning web component metadata types. To view and deploy your Aura and/or Lightning web components, add them to your metadata filter; you can read about custom metadata filters in this article. Alternatively, use the Compare all metadata filter.

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