Gearset makes it really easy to move profile and permission changes along with modifications to the structure of your orgs. In this short guide we'll run through how to deploy a new custom field and apply its Field Level Security (FLS) in one go.

Creating the new Custom Field

For this document, I created a new Custom Field on the Activity object in my sandbox, called ActivityFieldCheckbox  and set some appropriate field level security for my user profiles.

Deploying the field and its Field Level Security settings

  • To begin I'll compare the org the change was made in, and the target org to deploy the changes to. In this case, this is my sandbox as the source, and production as the target
  • I'm using the default metadata filter, as this includes both custom objects, profiles and permissions, which I'll need to deploy my changes
  • In the results, I can see my new custom field, ActivityFieldCheckbox, along with some permissions changes
  • To view the related FLS settings for the field, I can simply expand it out by clicking the black arrow next to its name, and then expand out the Profiles and permissions group. Within that group, each of the individual Profile changes are listed for this new field
  • To view the detail of any of these FLS changes in the diff viewer, click on it
  • Looking at the diff viewer for one of these FLS changes, I can see I'm only changing this small portion of the profile, so I can be confident I'm not going to overwrite any other changes in my org
  • To deploy the changes, I simply select the field and the Profiles and permissions  section to include them in my package
  • Click Next  to see the pre-deployment summary, then click Deploy now  to deploy the changes
  • That's it. The new field has now been deployed and its FLS set, all in one go. I now have a deployment report in my history if I need a reference later on
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